Words of Life is a 5-minute message of hope from The Salvation Army. This is a message-only version of the 15-minute, weekly show, Wonderful Words of Life. Released every Wednesday, Words of Life offers a quick, relevant, and often entertaining message- sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Click below to subscribe on iTunes.


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Behind the Scenes
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Every series of Words of Life will be brought to you by a different Salvation Army Officer from around the world. This series, “Greatly Loved”, is brought to us by Major Jackie Reckline. She is the Divisional Secretary for Women’s Ministries in the Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi Divisional Headquarters.


Though we, as a people, turn from God so often, He pursues us as the lover of our souls……  Even when we drift from Him, He runs to us; never giving up, never letting go of our hearts.

In the Book of Isaiah, we enter as the scene displays a nation divided; Israel was in the North and Judah in the South carrying the line of David.  The early chapters tell of a wayward, lost nation – a people far from the presence of their God.  Instead, they replaced Him with gods of their own making…….   But as we move through it’s pages, you realize you are reading a love story.  And this is OUR story! This is a crazy, unexplainable, how can this be kind of love; and it’s all ours!