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Though we, as a people, turn from God so often, He pursues us as the lover of our souls……  Even when we drift from Him, He runs to us; never giving up, never letting go of our hearts.

In the Book of Isaiah, we enter as the scene displays a nation divided; Israel was in the North and Judah in the South carrying the line of David.  The early chapters tell of a wayward, lost nation – a people far from the presence of their God.  Instead, they replaced Him with gods of their own making…….   But as we move through it’s pages, you realize you are reading a love story.  And this is OUR story! This is a crazy, unexplainable, how can this be kind of love; and it’s all ours!

Click below to hear our latest interview.  The Salvation Army’s Canadian and Bermuda Territory has a new contemporary Christian band, Neon. We were joined by the creator, Simon Gough to learn more about this new ministry and their debut album. Click here to learn more about NEON.


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Behind the Scenes of WWOL


Hosting the program is LT. Colonel Sheila Lanier, Territorial secretary for Personnel for The Salvation Army’s Southern Territory in Atlanta GA. Her co-host is Mr. Bernie Dake, Assistant Southern Territorial Music Secretary & Director of Music Publications, Production & Marketing.

With great conversations, these two share personal stories or guest interviews before previewing the message by our speaker, Major Jackie Reckline. She is the Divisional Secretary for Women’s Ministries in the Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi Divisional Headquarters.

About WWOL

WONDERFUL WORDS OF LIFE is a worldwide soundcast of hope from The Salvation Army. It is a 15-minute program packed with inspiring conversation, great music from Salvation Army artists, and important teaching. Its messages will stir your spirit and its music will soothe your soul. Fifty-two programs are produced each year and released worldwide for on-air broadcast on over 200 outlets, as well as on-line streaming and podcasting for PCs and mobile devices.

FEEDBACK Audience Response

Connecting with the audience is a vital component of the “Wonderful Words of Life” ministry. Because of the extensive coverage of the programs, we receive feedback from listeners living throughout the USA and in countries all over the world.

Here are a few recent comments….


Wonderful Words of Life is very inspiring! May our dear Lord bless your mission.


We hear you on 1280 KCOB – Newton, Iowa. Thank you for your program – especially the gospel music & message.


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Wonderful Words of Life today!… And I want to thank you so much for being on the air. I look forward to seeing you every day on KHMO in Hannibal, Missouri.


We (Sunday Morning Gospel) have a huge listening audience and our listeners all tell us that they start their mornings each week by listening to Wonderful Words of Life on WXGI 950 AM in Richmond first. Thank you so much and I enjoy the message each week as I’m shuffling papers at the station.  God bless you!!!!


I listen to your program on shortwave radio – 4.840 mHz (transmitted from WWCR in Nashville, Tennessee)…  Although I cannot put my finger on the reason why Wonderful Words of Life draws me in, it is a refreshing island on the shortwave spectrum…  I appreciate The Salvation Army’s decision to transmit Wonderful Words of Life on shortwave.  The quality content and good words shine through immediately.


I have been listening to Wonderful Words of Life for many years on Radio Africa, and this has helped me to stay on the path to our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work, and may the Almighty continue to bless you for drawing us closer to Christ.


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