Music has always been a powerful form of worship and has played an important role in The Salvation Army since the beginning. On Wonderful Words of Life, we strive to share music with our listeners that inspires, moves, encourages and speaks words of life while lifting high the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Below are some of the artists and groups we feature on our program. If you are interested in purchasing some of their albums, follow the links in each section to learn more.


NEON is a contemporary Worship Team that has been formed to assist corps and divisions in worship.
When you purchase the new Brighter in the Dark EP from NEON you are supporting the Canada and Bermuda Territory’s Partners in Mission Program.
All net proceeds of the recording will be donated to this program.


NEON’s Website

Sally Broughton

Sally Broughton is not only a passionate Salvation Army Officer but an incredibly talented musician as well. Although a classically trained pianist, it took her close friends years of convincing her to record an album. “Songs My Father Loved to Hear” is an album dedicated to her father. For some beautiful, meditative worship music, follow the links below to purchase this album or “Take Time to Be Holy”, a collaboration with guitarist Nathanael Doria.

Songs My Father Loved to Hear -iTunes

Songs My Father Loved to Hear -CD

Take Time To Be Holy -iTunes


transMission is a contemporary worship band based out of The Salvation Army’s Southern Territory in Atlanta GA. The band’s philosophy and motto to “transform worship into mission” continues to drive them in creating inspiring music as they lead worship wherever they are given the opportunity.

To learn more about transMission or to purchase their albums, click on the following links to their website, Facebook page, and iTunes.

transMission’s Website

transMission’s Facebook Page

iTunes/ transMission

The Singing Company

The Singing Company was formed in 2005 out of The Salvation Army’s Central Territory. The band’s lyrics share the truth of God’s word while the music is catchy, relevant and powerful. These songs have traveled around the world and have even been translated into several languages. From original music to revivals of Red Book Salvation Army songs, this talented band continues to expand the canon of music produced by The Salvation Army.

To learn more and purchase their albums, follow the links below.

The Singing Company’s Website

The Singing Company’s Facebook Page

iTunes/The Singing Company

Ronnie Murchison

Ronnie Murchison is a talented, bi- lingual worship leader. The album, “Break Through” was produced by The Salvation Army’s Southern Territory. It is a collection of worship songs ranging in style from Gospel to Blues and Latin inspired rhythms that will make you want to dance and praise the Lord.

If you would like to learn more or purchase his albums, follow the links below.

Ronnie Murchison’s Facebook Page

Purchase Break Through on CD Baby

iTunes/ Ronnie Murchison

The Spark Series

Spark is a band from The Salvation Army’s Australian Creative Arts Department. It’s a “super group” of Salvation Army songwriters and musicians like Nathan Rowe, Brad Ellis, Phil Laeger and more. So far they have recorded two albums, “Your Greatness Forever” and “Hope.Glory”.

If you would like to learn more or purchase their albums, follow the links below.

Australian Creative Arts Department Website

Your Greatness Forever iTunes

Hope.Glory iTunes


Surround the City is a group of dynamic young people who love to serve the Lord through music. Although the group has made time to release two full length albums, the main focus of StC is to support divisional events like Youth Councils and Soldier’s Rallies, among other things. Follow the links below to learn more and purchase their album, “Awakened to Love” through iTunes.

Awakened to Love iTunes

The Salvation Army Southern California